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We have established and optimized a wide range of immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence protocols for manual and automated systems. For most of common IHC markers we also have appropriate control TMAs to ensure a high level of reproducibility of their detection in tissues. We can provide:


1.   Staining on animal and human tissue samples;

2.   Staining on cell suspension or smears;

3.   Staining with chromogenic or fluorescent substrates;

4.   Double or multiplex chromogenic or fluorescent stainings;

5.   Biotinylation for primary animal and human antibodies and their validations;

6.   Staining with our validated IHC primary antibodies at per slide low cost;

7.   Imaging & image analysis (please click “here” for more information);

8.   Pathology report (please click “here” for more information).


To request a quote, please email us at or fill out our quote form.

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