Easy-Mount is a permanent aqueous mounting medium. It is designed for permanent mounting of tissue sections and cell smears with peroxidase and alkaline phosphatase chromogens that cannot be dehydrated with organic solvents. Easy-Mount is particularly ideal for use with chromogens such as AEC, Fast-Red, AP-Red, BCIP/NBT, BCIP/INT chromogens that are alcohol-soluble or incompatible with organic solvents. No coverslipping is required with Easy-Mount. After drying completely Easy-Mount dries will form a clear solid coating over the specimen. If coverslipping is desired, Easy-Mount can be post mounted with an organic based permanent mounting medium after it has completely dried. Easy-Mount is also compatible with DAB and counterstain like Hematoxylin and Nuclear fast red (NFR). It is not compatible with H and E staining.

Mounting Medium, Easy-Mount, 50ml

SKU: MMEas050
  • Aqueous based permanent mounting medium for IHC organic solvent soluable substrates; Research use only (RUO)
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