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Single tissue sections can provide more details of target profiling in tissues.  It is common to use TMA sections for initial tissue profiling of a target and use single tissue sections for detailed target characterization in tissues. 

To ensure high quality of our tissue section products, we have established  the followings (also see “Facility”):

1.  Optimal fixation: Collect and fix tissue samples from fresh following strict guidelines;

2.  Uniform quality: All the samples are processed in our dedicated processing center using the same SOPs;

3.  Fresh cut sections: All tissue sections are cut upon receiving orders.

In addition to tissue sections, we also provide tissue blocks. For more information, please Click “here” .

Pantomics’ Single Tissue Sections: We have been collecting and processing  tissues from our collaborative hospitals for more than 10 years, with an inventory of  >100,000 cases. Our tissue bank is one of largest private ones, if it is not the largest privately owned tissue bank in the US. For many common tumors, we can easily provide over 1000 cases for each entity  to support any large scale study.  We can also provide tissue sections for common experimental animals based customer’s needs. 

Clinical Information:  All human tissue sections contain sex, age, anatomic site and pathology diagnosis. Tumor tissue sections also contain  grade and TNM stage. Only a few TMAs have treatment and follow-up data.

For bulk, special orders, or price quote, please email at or fill out our quote form.

Purchasing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Click “here” for more information.

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