Array Construction and Sectioning

Custom Array Construction

1, 1.5mm1 dot$6.00
2mm1 dot$10.00
2.5mm1 dot$12.00
4.5, 6mm1 dot$20.00

Requirements: Customer's tissue blocks, H&E slides with marked areas. Minimum order is 10 dots. To use Pantomics Tisses, please inquire.

Tissue Sectioning

Paraffin BlockTissue AreaUnitPrice
Routine Block-1 Section$3.00
Array Block<1x2cm1 section*$6.00
Array Block<2x2.5cm1 section*$8.00
Array Block>2x2.5cm1 section*$10.00

Standard setup for section cutting with our Superfrost plus or APES-coated Superfrost slides

Requirements: Minimum presence of 90% of the cores. No adhesive tape is used. Minimum order is 20 sections