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About Pantomics

Pantomics, Inc. is a tissue array company founded by Dr. Langxing Pan, a pathologist, in 2004.  The company makes and provides animal and human tissue arrays, for use in research, routine IHC/ISH control and education.  Pantomics, Inc. also utilizes its own pathology resources to conduct tissue section-based RNA/protein analyses and/or target validation services for academia and industry.

Pantomics, Inc. has aimed at producing the highest standard tissue arrays for RNA and protein analyses.  To achieve this, the company has established the following:

  • A strong scientific advisory board consisting of individuals with extensive experience in pathology diagnostics, teaching and research.

  • A dedicated tissue acquisition and processing center.

  • A work force of well trained technicians, scientists and pathologists.


Our mission is to become a major supplier of high quality tissue arrays and to make an important contribution to the medical research and education communities, and diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries.

Pantomics, Inc. is incorporated in California, USA and located in the City of Fairfield. Pantomics, Inc. is dedicated to the ethical procurement of tissue from human donors and the ethical treatment of animals.  All of our tissues are collected under strict guidelines and consent.

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