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With rigorous IHC tests on our extensive tissue products, we have selected and optimized a number of antibodies and detection systems that work genuinely well on formalin-fixed & paraffin-embedded tissue sections. We can now provide these high quality reagents to our customers and will guarantee immediate replacement, if any of these products does not work as described.

Primary Antibodies: All of our IHC primary antibodies have been evaluated on normal human tissues from >30 anatomic sites and various tumor tissues. These data are available to our customers who have opened accounts with us.


Detection Systems:  We use biotin-free signal amplification technologies to make our IHC and immunofluorescence detection systems. After extensive absorption procedures, these products have shown excellent signal-to-noise ratio, matching the quality of similar products from major vendors in the market.

For bulk, special orders, or price quote, please email at or fill out our quote form.

Purchasing Frequently  Asked Questions (FAQs): Click “here” for more information.

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