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About our CEO

Dr. Lanxing Pan

Dr. Pan is a well established pathologist and molecular pathologist. Before he founded Pantomics, Inc., Dr. Pan was a Principle Scientist and the Head of the Pathology Unit in the Biotech Division of Bayer Corporation. At Bayer Biotech, by combining in situ hybridization, immunohistochemistry and tissue array technologies, Dr. Pan developed multiple tissue/tissue array-based pathology models for target identification and validation, which effectively supported the drug discovery process in the division. Before joining Bayer, Dr. Pan was a faculty member and the head of Molecular Pathology Unit in the Pathology Department of Weill Medical College of Cornell University, in charge of molecular pathology diagnostic services and training. Dr Pan spent fourteen years in the Histopathology Department of University College London where he worked as a Post-doctoral Fellow, then Clinic Lecturer, Senior Clinic lecturer (Associate Professor) in Pathology. During his 18 years' academic career, Dr. Pan has mentored four MSc and two PhD students, received a number of research grants and published 65 original research papers. Dr. Pan started his Ph.D program in 1984 under the supervision of Professor Peter Isaacson, a world-renowned pathologist, and obtained his PhD in Tumor Immunohistopatholgy from University College London, UK in 1988. Dr. Pan graduated with a MD from Guangxi Medical University, P.R. China in 1982, and subsequently received his pathology training and worked as a Pathologist in the same Medical University.

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