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Tissue arrays or tissue microarrays (also TMAs) are paraffin blocks or slides in which up to 1000 individual tissue samples are assembled for high-throughput analysis of histology, RNA, DNA or protein molecules in tissues. To ensure high quality of our tissue array products, we have established the followings (also see “Facility”):

1.    Optimal fixation:      Collect and fix tissue samples from fresh following strict guidelines;

2.    Uniform quality:       All the samples are processed in our dedicated processing center using the same SOPs;

3.    Fresh cut sections:  All tissue sections are cut upon receiving orders 

Pantomics’ TMA Design:  Following FDA guidelines we design TMA of normal tissue panels for tissue cross-reactivity  (TCR) study of therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies.  For oncological studies, we have  tumor progression TMAs (normally in 96 core format) containing cases of different  development phases, grades and stages such as normal to malignant, low grade to high grade,  paired normal vs  tumor or primary vs metastasis of the same patients (in 24, 48 and some 126 core formats). For large scale profiling of specific tumors, we have appropriate TMAs with over 150 cores , most of  which have multiple sets with non-overlapping cases.  For more technical information, please click “here” .

Clinical Information:  All human TMAs contain sex, age, anatomic site and pathology diagnosis. Tumor TMAs also contain  grade and TNM stage. Only a few TMAs have treatment and follow-up data.

TMA Formatting and Naming:  Click “here” for more information.

Custom Tissue Arrays: We can make custom TMAs either using Pantomics FFPE tissue blocks or customers’ FFPE tissue blocks. Click “here” for more information.

For bulk, special orders, or price quote, please email at or fill out our quote form.

Purchasing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Click “here” for more information.

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