Pathology model-based target validation

With our comprehensive tissue bank, we can organize tissue samples relevant to a disease process, a pathological feature or a group of pathological conditions into pathology panels or models. IHC or ISH analysis with appropriate antibodies or RNA probes of these panels or models (in either single tissue sections or TMAs) allows easy observation, comparison and correlation of target expression patterns and the disease process under investigation. All these will form an effective approach to verify disease associated targets and eliminate non-relevant targets even at very early stage of drug discovery. 1. Inflammatory models: We can provide tissue samples covering a wide spectrum of inflammatory process, from acute reaction to chronic inflammation either related to multiple organs or related to a specific organ, such as COPD lesions, various types of hepatitis. 2. Models for diseases of immunity: We can organize tissue samples for autoimmune disease, such as Graves diseases, psoriasis for our customers. 3. Oncology models: We can organize samples into different panels for validation of targets that may be associated with a). evolution from premalignant to malignant; b). progression from low grade to high grade; c). differences between normal and tumor; d). differences between primary and metastatic tumors; e). differences between good treatment response and poor response; f). occurrence of apoptosis; g). development of angiogenesis.


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