PC quantitative image analysis

With commercial image analysis software, we can provide accurate quantitative analysis for nuclear, membrane and cytoplasmic markers identified by IHC, IF, ISH or special staining on cell smears/spins and tissue sections. 1. Cell number counting - positive cells per section, per TMA core or per high power view; 2. H-Score analysis � Software will identify and record negative (- or 0), weak (+ or 1), moderate (++ or 2) and strong (+++ or 3) staining intensity, and positive rate (%) of each intensity category for the target cells across the section or view under analysis. H-Score is then calculated by the formula: (3 x percentage of strongly stained target cells) + (2 x percentage of moderately stained target cells) + (1 x percentage of weakly stained target cells), giving a range of 0 to 300. 3. Positive IHC (protein), ISH (RNA) or special staining area vs negative area across the whole section or region of interest (ROI). Our software can identify different color, texture and contextual features, and segment them into appropriate areas (such as normal, tumor, necrosis, fibrosis or stromal areas) that can be analyzed (into percentage) and compared.


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